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Title: Choices
Author: sspaz1000/bandgeek01/music_coaster2010
Rating: PG-13ish
Characters: NCIS: LA Team: G. Callen, Kensi Blye, Marty Deeks, Sam Hanna, Eric Beale, Nell Jones, Hetty Lange, Talia Del Campo
Disclaimer: I'm just playing in CBS's sandbox. They own the characters and all that fun stuff.
Beta: The wonderful ncisabbylover who encouraged me on this summer while being ambitious with this project.
Note 1: This was written for the NCIS: LA fic exchange Summer 2016! My recipient is chrisodonline. I sincerely hope you enjoy this, and I hope you are well.
Note 2: This fic is a Choose your own Adventure type story. It's not too elaborate, but it's enough to have a little fun.
Note 3: The bits of The Long Goodbye and Defectors are not mine. They belong to Mr. Kalstein, and Ms. Jaffe. I did my best to transcribe them to my ability and make them fit the story. (also this goes with airing on TV order.)

End of The Long Goodbye
Callen is off in his own world hanging up their tactical gear when Kensi walks by patting him on the shoulder. It brings him back to the moment, looking around at the team in the armory. “Nice having you around Talia.”

She smiles, “You know we should hang out sometime.”

Callen raises his eyebrows, “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” Grabbing her bag, “Go to a Clippers game, grab some beer…”

“Mhmm, the Rockets are in town this weekend.” Callen replies.

“Yeah…” she fades off.

Deeks turns and looks at them confused, “What is happening here?” Pointing to Talia, “I’m usually the object of your inappropriate workspace attention.” Looking at Callen, “And you, I thought we had plans this weekend.”

Kensi is in the background looking amused at what is unfolding before her.

“This is exactly why I didn’t commit to you Deeks.” replies Callen.

Deeks looks at G slightly dumbfounded.

Turning slightly to acknowledge Talia, Callen says, “I’ll think about it.”

A soft smile appears on Talia’s face. “You should.”

“Mmhmm” G says.

Deeks is standing there wondering why this is happening. “What about me?”

Talia looks at Deeks, “Oh settle down Deeks. He’s obviously a social guy, you should cut him some slack.”

Callen looks at Talia and then to Deeks, an amused smirk shows on his face. Kensi looks at the three of them and chimes in, “Callen always has plans.” She says it like it’s nothing new.

Deeks rolls his eyes and says, “Yeah like what? Stare at the ocean and smolder?”

Callen nods slightly at this, and is wondering how his nightly habits became the topic of their conversation.

Talia studies Callen’s face for a moment, “You do give a good smolder.” she says.

Callen grins with satisfaction, “Thank you.”

Deeks is still wondering how this is all happening.

Kensi looks at the gang, “OK. Goodnight Deeks.”

Deeks looks surprised that Kensi would be starting to leave without him. “Wait, where are you going?”

“I’m going to binge copious amounts of ice cream with females only.” she nods and points to Talia.

The ladies smile and laugh as they walk out of the armory.

Before the ladies leave Deeks makes a last ditch effort to convince them to not let him go home alone. “I’m sorry. But who is going to sit here and listen to me vent?”

Talia turned back to face Deeks, “Not us.” She laughs slightly looking at Kensi as they talked about their girls night in.

Callen looked at Deeks, “Goodnight Deeks.”

Deeks glances at Callen, “Wait, I have a solution. How about tonight?”

Callen doesn’t grasp what Deeks is suggesting. “What about tonight?”

“You and I go grab beers tonight.”

“Guy, I told you, I have to think about that.”

Deeks is not giving up. “Think about what? Tonight is happening. RIGHT NOW. We’re on this ride together.”

Callen is standing there in amazement of Deeks’s persistence as Deeks whips out his cell phone.

“I have a place, the perfect place. OK.”

“Really.” Callen says slowly knowing that Deeks’s idea of perfect place and his will differ greatly.

“It’s are right around the corner… They got a…” Deeks is looking up the menu on his phone as Callen starts to slowly tiptoe out of the armory. “They have a happy hour for the next two hours. They’ve got, uh, craft beers. You like craft beers?”

“Love craft beer.” said Callen as is so close to leaving the armory but not quite out of the woods yet.

“Ok, so they have craft beer, jalapeno poppers, potato skins, and oh they got the mozzarella sticks. That’s the trifecta. You can’t turn down the trifecta.” Deeks looks up from his phone… only to realize that he is all alone in the armory.

“Callen? Are we just going to meet there?” Silence. “All right, I’ll just text you the address.”

Deeks texted the address to Callen and finished cleaning up in the armory. Meanwhile, Callen felt the buzz from his phone indicating there was a text. He was just sitting in his car deciding what he was going to do with his evening.

Click here for Callen goes home to smolder
Click here for Callen checks in on Sam
Click here for Callen goes out with Deeks
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