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Title: Choices
Author: sspaz1000/bandgeek01
Rating: PG-13ish
Characters: NCIS: LA Team: G. Callen, Kensi Blye, Marty Deeks, Sam Hanna, Eric Beale, Nell Jones, Hetty Lange, Talia Del Campo
Disclaimer: I'm just playing in CBS's sandbox. They own the characters and all that fun stuff.
Beta: The wonderful ncisabbylover who encouraged me on this summer while being ambitious with this project.
Note 1: This was written for the NCIS: LA fic exchange Summer 2016! My recipient is chrisodonline. I sincerely hope you enjoy this, and I hope you are well.
Note 2: This fic is a Choose your own Adventure type story. It's not too elaborate, but it's enough to have a little fun.
Note 3: The bits of The Long Goodbye and Defectors are not mine. They belong to Mr. Kalstein, and Ms. Jaffe. I did my best to transcribe them to my ability and make them fit the story. (also this goes with airing on TV order.)

Callen Goes Home to Smolder
Callen looks at the text from Deeks. He knows he shouldn’t have been that nonchalant about hanging out with Deeks, but this case was intense. Jada could most likely be going back to her death, and knowing that he could have forced her to stay weighs heavily on his mind. As much as a cold brew sounds great, Callen needs to go home and clear his thoughts.

Pulling out of the Mission, he makes the drive back to his place in silence. Walking into his house he drops his bag down, and gets a beer. Taking a swig, he walks into his room, and opens up his laptop.  After a few minutes of idly clicking on some news stories, Callen decides he didn’t want to be in his place at that moment.

Getting in the car he heads to his favorite hideaway on the beach. Taking a seat by the pier, he slides his shoes off and dips his toes in the water. He hisses at the coolness but sighs as his toes squish in the sand. Wiggling his toes around, he takes a deep breath and thinks about the day's events. Jada had been so entwined in Sam’s life while he was in Sudan. Even after being brought back to the US, Jada has always been in the back of his mind. Her resentment of Sam, being lied too, and taken away from the only family she knew. Jada’s tired. She wants to go home. No matter the consequences. Callen understands. He thinks back to Kristin Donnelly.  He knows the hurt in their eyes. The pain they’ve caused over the years. This job isn’t for the weak.

Callen admires that Sam married Michelle. He doesn’t quite understand how he makes it work. But he does, they do. Snapped back to reality by a wave hitting his toes, he realizes he was clenching the sand around him and he lets his mind wander again. This time it’s back to Jada.

He knows he can’t keep Jada here. The hope in her eyes of returning home. I can’t force her to stay. He thinks. He also hopes that home for her is what she expects.  Deep down he knows that Sam knows that she can’t stay in the US anymore.

Callen looks out to the ocean and sighs. Now his mind’s wandering to his past. It’s been months, since he tried to find Arkady, and still nothing. He wonders if he was ever going to figure out his past. So many blank spaces. So much not knowing who he is. He needs to find Arkady. As much as that Russian annoys him sometimes, it’s the closest link to his past, he’s ever had.

Looking down, he takes a few deep breaths and let’s out a scream. Somedays it’s the best way to get rid of the stress. Slowly standing, he takes one last look at the beach before heading back to his car and his place for the night.

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