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Title: Choices
Author: sspaz1000/bandgeek01
Rating: PG-13ish
Characters: NCIS: LA Team: G. Callen, Kensi Blye, Marty Deeks, Sam Hanna, Eric Beale, Nell Jones, Hetty Lange, Talia Del Campo
Disclaimer: I'm just playing in CBS's sandbox. They own the characters and all that fun stuff.
Beta: The wonderful ncisabbylover who encouraged me on this summer while being ambitious with this project.
Note 1: This was written for the NCIS: LA fic exchange Summer 2016! My recipient is chrisodonline. I sincerely hope you enjoy this, and I hope you are well.
Note 2: This fic is a Choose your own Adventure type story. It's not too elaborate, but it's enough to have a little fun.
Note 3: The bits of The Long Goodbye and Defectors are not mine. They belong to Mr. Kalstein, and Ms. Jaffe. I did my best to transcribe them to my ability and make them fit the story. (also this goes with airing on TV order.)

Callen Goes To Work The Next Day

Callen is just lying in bed, when his phone goes off. Groaning, he reaches for it, and see’s Deek’s name.

“Yeah, Deeks.” he says kind of curtly.

“Hey man, how are you doing?”

“What do you want Deeks?”

“Wait? How do you know I want something?”

“Deeks, we really don’t talk to each other outside of work, especially this early in the morning.”

“Point taken. Look I’m outside with Monty right now but I need you to do me a solid.”

“So Kensi spent the night?” says Callen in a playful tone.

“Yes, and her stuff is EVERYWHERE, like EVERYWHERE.”

“What are you going to do when you guys decide to move in together?”

“That’s why I need your help. See I bought this book about clutter, and I need you to give it to her.”

“You do realize this will not end well right?”

“Yes, it will, Callen, come on man. You have to do this for me. Seriously, look at her desk. Have you seen it? Her stuff is on your side.”

“I know, I know it is.”

“So help me out man.”

Callen takes a deep breath knowing Deeks won’t take no for an answer, “OK, what do I have to do?”

“There’s a book in my locker, I need you to give it to Kensi today.”

“How will I do that?”

“Kensi and I are working out this morning, I don’t know what you and Sam are up to, but you know I can pretend to work on my glorious Viking mane.”

Callen laughs, “Ok, you work on your precious hair, and I’ve got a plan.”

“Thanks man.”

“You do realize she’s going to kill you for this, right?”

“I know, I know. I’m well prepared for this.”

Callen smiles to himself and finishes the call with Deeks before setting about getting ready for the day.


As Callen walks into the bullpen he looks at Kensi’s desk. He takes note of her considerable increase in clutter over the past couple of months. Thinking to himself, he wonders how, if they were hardly in office, she has so much stuff on her desk.

He walks over to Deek’s locker and grabs the book. He places it in his bag and heads over to his desk to do some paperwork while he waits for Kensi to arrive. He doesn’t get very far, he’s too distracted wondering how one person can have so much junk on a desk.

Kensi walks in, busy with something, and Callen looks up at her, slightly amused.

“No Deeks huh?”

“No, no. Deeks. We finished our workout half an hour ago and he’s still getting ready. Don’t ask.” Kensi put her bag on the back shelf and grabs her orange as she sits down.

Peeling the orange, she asks, “Where’s Sam?”

“Still hitting the heavy bag. Don’t ask.”  Callen looks at Kensi as her stuff is creeping ever closer to his half the desk.

“All right.” Kensi is deep into peeling her orange and the peel has now ventured onto Callens side. “It’s kind of nice,” she says looking around.

Callen sits and clears his throat.

Oblivious to the throat clearing, Kensi continues on, “It’s peaceful, quiet, even a little zen.” She laughs at that part.

Callen turns his head with his mouth slightly open and stares. In his mind he is wondering how that desk can be Zen.

Kensi looks at him. “What?”

He laughs, and decides it’s now or never to put Deeks’s plan into action. “There is nothing zen about your desk.”

Looking slightly hurt by this, “What do you have against my desk?” she asks.

Callen takes a deep breath and leans back. The more he looks at the desk, the more he’s really getting into this. “Let’s see.”  His eyes dart down to the split, where Kensi’s papers and this mornings orange are now squarely on his side.

She finally looks down and sees her mess has crossed the line. “I feel you, I hear you.” She starts to slide the stuff to her side. “Sorry.”

Callen just looked at her solution to the problem with slight disbelief. “Kensi.”


“You have a problem.”

She quickly replies. “I don’t have a problem.”

“Do you prefer sickness?”

Kensi is starting to wonder what the heck Callen is getting at, “No?”

“Disease?” Callen knows he could go on and on with this but hesitates.

“Okay, I will work on it. And I promise I will keep to my side of the line.”

Callen leans over to his bag, it’s now or never he thinks. “Well, I decided to get you a… gift.”

Kensi looks at the book, “Scrubbed House, Scrubbed Soul? You think I need a self-help book?”

“No. No, you are WAY beyond self-help. No, you need professional assistance.”

“Oh that’s absurd.”

Callen thinks to himself, ‘well she hasn’t hit me yet so that’s a good sign’, “No, this is a New York Times Best Seller. Millions of people can’t be wrong.”

“Oh come on.”

“This whole mess… is about depression.” Callen knows he’s in too deep now to stop. Deeks is going to kill him along with Kensi.

“I am not depressed.”

“The book says… that you need to surround yourself with things that inspire happiness.”

Kensi is just looking at him in disbelief with this whole conversation. Two can play at this game she thinks. “Ok, Ok, I got your number, I know what this is about.”

Not missing a beat Callen replies, “Your pathological obsession with clutter?”

“Oh no, not at all. This is about your issues.”

“Mine?” Callen wonders what Kensi could pull out of her sleeve with this.



“Callen, you’re no more organized than I am. You just don’t have any stuff.” He chuckles as she continues. “My stuff symbolizes that which you lack. That’s why you can’t commit to a serious relationship.”



“Oh. OK. Uh.. What about Joelle?” He knows that this is going to be a moot point as they were on the outs but still, they had been together for nearly two years.

“I’m sorry, is that serious?”

Callen is a little taken aback by that. He tries to say something but the words just aren’t coming.

“No, I didn’t think so, yeah, ‘cause you couldn’t commit to a coffee mug.”

Finding his voice, he mutters a “wow.” Adjusting himself in his seat, “Well at least you are not defensive about it.”  He turns back to his laptop to work on some more paperwork.

“Defe…” He can practically see the light going on in Kensi’s head. “Wait a minute. Did Deeks put you up to this?”

Callen turns his head and looks at her. “Even Deeks doesn’t take 30 minutes to dry his hair.”

“Ohh Ohhh..” Kensi is getting mad. “I’m going to declutter his nose from his face.”

“Nope. Not defensive at all.”

Kensi is ready to make another comeback but Eric comes down the steps playing the saxophone out of key. Kensi turns to Callen, and then they looked at Beale as he really starts getting into his little ditty. When he stopped, he said, “Just posted an alternate version of that to YouTube. 12 hits and counting.”

Eric is proud of that fact.

“Sounded like a saxophone…” Callen trails off as he really can’t think of anything else to add.

“Callen, thank you so much.” Eric is honored that Callen noticed his work. Getting back to the task at hand. “Um there’s a case up in Ops. Uh Sam and Deeks are already up there. I’ll play you in.”

Callen and Kensi move to get up and to start their day.

“One, two, three, hey!” Eric starts getting into playing the saxophone again, when Kensi walks past him, she slaps her orange into the Saxophone’s opening. Looking back at Callen, “Now that inspires happiness.”

As soon as they’re told about the case they know they’re in for a long day. Ties to ISIS and making sure our girls don’t end up ISIS brides and worse. The team fights, and they fight hard. In the end, this time around, they win.  Callen and Sam and Deeks and Kensi go their separate ways for the night. Deeks is spouting off quotes from musicals, and Kensi, while’s she’s forgiven him for the book for now, is planning her  payback.

Kensi and Deeks walk to their car, when Deeks realizes that LAPD is waiting for him. The internal affairs investigation has come to a head. As Deeks is being taken away for the murder of Frances Boyle, Kensi stares in disbelief.

She knows the first thing she should do is get Sam and Callen. But she doesn’t. Instead, she goes straight to the mission and into fight mode to save Deeks.

Click here for Callen and the Team
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