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Title: Choices
Author: sspaz1000/bandgeek01
Rating: PG-13ish
Characters: NCIS: LA Team: G. Callen, Kensi Blye, Marty Deeks, Sam Hanna, Eric Beale, Nell Jones, Hetty Lange, Talia Del Campo
Disclaimer: I'm just playing in CBS's sandbox. They own the characters and all that fun stuff.
Beta: The wonderful ncisabbylover who encouraged me on this summer while being ambitious with this project.
Note 1: This was written for the NCIS: LA fic exchange Summer 2016! My recipient is chrisodonline. I sincerely hope you enjoy this, and I hope you are well.
Note 2: This fic is a Choose your own Adventure type story. It's not too elaborate, but it's enough to have a little fun.
Note 3: The bits of The Long Goodbye and Defectors are not mine. They belong to Mr. Kalstein, and Ms. Jaffe. I did my best to transcribe them to my ability and make them fit the story. (also this goes with airing on TV order.)

Callen calls out sick and starts to go Rogue

Callen’s sleep is restless. This is nothing new to him, but tonight he’s on edge even more than normal. He starts thinking about Arkady. He’s been gone for 7 months now. Seven long months. Who knows what happened to him after they left him bleeding. He hopes that Anna would have at least gotten in contact with Hetty. But he hasn’t heard anything from anyone.

The urge to start looking for his father hits him hard again. Texting Sam a quick message to let him know that he’s not coming to work, Callen eyes the envelope Hetty gave him a couple months ago.

He knows that Hetty would be mad that he opened the envelope, but he can’t just wait around anymore.

Pulling out his personal laptop, Callen opens the envelope. For a moment he thought Hetty might have it booby trapped, but it’s not. Still, he knows that Hetty will know that he opened it.

Looking at the list, he recognizes one name, Anatoli Kirkin. Callen chuckles. That guy sure had a thing for Deeks. Callen wonders if Kirkin is out of jail. If he’s the next piece in the puzzle of his life, Callen knows he has to find him again and so he begins his search.

Throughout the day, Callen follows leads as he goes down the list of names. He knows he was going in deep, but he couldn’t stop it. Everytime he gets one step closer he’s instantly thrown two steps back. Seeing how Jada could leave to go back to a family that could potentially kill her has set his mind spinning.

I need answers, Callen thinks, and so far none were turning up.


Back at the mission, the team is finishing up a relatively simple case for once. Once the team is close to leaving, Sam goes up to ops and asks Beale if he could see where Callen had been all day. “Come on Sam, you know he can hide very well.”

“I know, I know. Just one little breadcrumb, and I’ll know for sure what he’s doing.”

“I’m better off not knowing aren’t I?”

“Always Beale.”

Sam notices the familiar pattern of Callen’s movements and walks out of ops, headed out of the mission the back way so Hetty can’t question him.

Driving around the cemetery, he finds Callen sitting at his sister’s grave. Sam gets out of the car and sits next to him.

“G, you opened it didn’t you.” Sam says matter of factly.

“I had to. I need answers.”

“Searching for Kirkin on your own isn’t going to get you any. It’s only going to make Hetty even more pissed.”

“I know. I really just need to know that Arkady’s alive. Some link to my past is alive.”

“I get it. We will find the answers. Look, I can’t have my partner of nearly 10 years getting himself fired over this. This is your life. Come with me. On our own, we can search for things as partners. That’s what we do.”

Callen looks over at the gravestone and then at Sam. “I know.”

Slowly getting up, Callen knows that his team was family, and so were the Hanna’s. It gets a little harder each time when you get close to knowing about your past and then it disappears, but he’ll get through it. They’ll get through Jada and this, and come out stronger. Because that’s what they do.

Click here for Callen goes to Work the Next Day

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