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Pretty piccies in here. Skip the ramble:

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by bandgeek05

Really you've read this much. I'm impressed. So without further ado

It's PANTO DAY!!! We all sat together, meaning all of us who knew each other at the B&B hijacked a 4 person and a 2 person table. I decided to venture out of the bacon sandwich realm and had the Eggs Benedict. I loved it. The sauce was a bit thick for me, but I really didn't care, it was so good. I think now I'm slightly afraid to try eggs benedict anywhere else. (Did I mention that Laurie and I wanted to kidnap Paul and Stuart and bring them home with us to cook us meals, and then freeze the meals, and only then could we let them go back home?)

Debs wanted to take Max for a walk while shar got ready for the day. Laurie and I wanted to go along, because she was going to take him to the mound (an old landfill area, that they made in to walkways and stuff. Absolutely gorgeous.)

Max pretty much walks himself. He puts his lead in his mouth and leads the way. We were walking just a little different then how he was used to going and had a fit that we weren't doing it his way, lol. I asked him if he had something to show us, and he then promptly crossed the road, and showed us how he goes.

But now here are a bunch of pictures from the morning:

This first one is from [ profile] stargazer60

Cardiff Jan 2010 255

-We're ignoring how fat my ass looks and the horrible fashion statement I am making.











The really, you are taking more pictures look from Max.


We came back and before we left again, I took a picture of the room key in the door.


Outside of the B&B. I'm sure it's lovely out there in the summer time:


Also while waiting for Debs and Shar to come back down, laurie and I decided to play Connect Four.


I won:


More pics of the B&B:




We then walked down to the Bay, took some pictures, and had some hot chocolate in the Wales Millennium Centre, I bought some goodies at the WMC, and then we ran out to catch the bus up to the theatre. Just as we got to the bus, the guy closed the door in our face. After glaring he let us on because he was writing something down, cause apparently he can't multi-task and write with one hand and punch numbers in with the other. By far he was the rudest person we came across in Cardiff.

I'm telling you the Water Tower never gets old:



We're at the Theatre!!! Nervous anticipation, of what's a panto like, will we enjoy it, is John feeling well enough, etc.



-Our view for the matinee.

Panto is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. I knew going into the matinee, that it would be filled with laughs as that's tradition to goof around on the last day.

Some of the bits were: smoking out maid marion from the carriage, John coming on stage dancing like a crow (which by the way, his legs are even more amazing in person.), the Elvis costume from DoI during the skating bit, and him fake falling at the end nearly giving maid marion a heart attack, all the stray animals instead of a couple during one scene, naming the dog Idris the longest town name ever then daring Maid Marion to say it. There was lots more, but I can't remember, or didn't know that it was different.

Another random thing in the night time one John sang the intros to the TW and DW themes, though the TW one didn't sound like the TW one at all. He also mentioned his buns were "special Hot Cross Buns".

And by the way, what the hell is that Churchill dog thing? That's about the only thing I didn't get about the panto.

I also want to state for the record, and you all can hate me all you want. I would be completely content if John was never on TV and on a West End stage for the rest of his life. It's where it absolutely shines. Even ill he still puts on a hell of a performance that would be way up there to some people on good days. Yes, I could tell he was struggling to hit the notes, and his voice cracked, and he was flat a couple times, but he still made it fun and entertaining.

We went to a pub between the two shows. Good food, and it was quick and easy, and nice. This picture is from [ profile] stargazer60 and shows how we are all technology addicted.

Cardiff Jan 2010 274

I was a bad girl and snuck a couple piccies at the final bows. Seriously it was the last 2 minutes of the show, what would they do to me?? It's not like it gives away the show or anything. Plus I think the final bow of the final show should have been photographed, especially when John had all the crew come out as well. All the hard workers you never hear about in the show.



After the show, we headed out towards the Stage Door. I know it was the last show and people tend to expect JB to sign at the last show, but honestly, all I wanted that man to do is come out, say thank you and hop in his car and go home and get under the covers, with some tea, and some cuddle time with Scott.

But it was announced that John would sign for everyone standing there.

Pic from [ profile] shamazipan Us grinning because we would see John. And Laurie would get to meet him for the first time.


It's JB!






This pic is from [ profile] stargazer60

Cardiff Jan 2010 287

And this one is right after Laurie met John, the post meeting SQUEE!!!




As John was leaving he was playing Copacobana in his car. I've also decided I never ever want to get in a car with him.

Andy Jones aka Will Scarlett:


Pete Gallagher aka The Sheriff of Nottingham (the baddie):


Who by the way was absolutely lovely. He told us the story of how Robin Hood came to be after they stopped performing Babes in the Woods as a panto because there had been some children murdered in the woods. So everyone felt that it hit too close to home and could longer be a fun show. So it was decided that the show never be performed as a panto again. But this left a gap in the panto show rotation, the producers of Robin Hood remembered a scene from Babes in the Woods that had Robin Hood and Maid Marion, so they made a panto around that.

Pete also likes the fact that Robin Hood is a snazzier, updated panto show, he feels some of the older ones are a bit dated and while they are still fun, you need to just a little something different to keep bringing people into these shows. [ profile] blackbird_song and her hubby were there during this conversation as well. I think I got it all but if I missed stuff let me know. :)


By this point Shar and Debs had left to go meet up with Gabriel for the Casmir Effect meet up. We were going to head back to the B&B but ended up staying a bit at the stage door, and we met Pete and William Kenning (Little John)

William Kenning:


Pic from [ profile] stargazer60

Cardiff Jan 2010 298

-She got one of him face on, I just got a profile shot.

Also from [ profile] stargazer60

Cardiff Jan 2010 299

As we were saying by to everyone, Laurie and I decided we were going to take the bus back to the B&B cause now we were absolutely knackered. We start to cross the street only to realize the bus pulling away, is the bus we needed. 4 other buses just drove past (not ones we needed but possibly could have taken to get us closer to the bus station), so we were like, we can just hail a cab. Then I semi freaked out because we weren't 100% sure how to hail a taxi in Wales. I mean in NYC you practically have to commit suicide to get them to see you. So I didn't know how to do it. We were near a night club, which was good since there were cabs there, and I sort of stuck my hand out and the guy stopped and was like you need a ride? We got in and then down by the castle he asks us which way we wanted him to go to get into Grangetown. Us, the tourists, who only know Cardiff fairly well when it's light out. We just said, the quickest way.

We got back and squeed, and hurriedly wrote down everything from the day so we wouldn't forget.

Next installment: Our last day, Caerphilly Castle, and good-byes.
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