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Really, you are still with me? I'm totally and utterly impressed people.

Ok, so Monday brought us to some good-byes. Shar was flying back to Glasgow :( and Catherine and her hubby were headed back as well. But first we started out having breakfast. All 6 of us. We ended up talking for a couple hours. It was a great breakfast. I think I had the cheese omlet. Shar had a nice little suprise of Haggis with her meal, (Don't tell Laurie what it is, she doesn't know, and as far as I know she still hasn't found out!) since it was Burns night.

After breakfast, everyone started to head out, but first, Laurie got a picture of this drawing up in the B&B.

Pic is [ profile] stargazer60's

Cardiff Jan 2010 422

-It was right outside the washroom, so we got to see it everytime we went to the loo. :D

I also got some more lovin' from Max:


This picture of Max is the I know your going to take a picture of me so I'm not going to look at the camera so there, look.


[ profile] shamazipan magically grew a panto program out of her head :)


As we were all getting ready to leave, Shar's phone rings and it's the TW ringtone. I squee, then get sad as I don't have it. We go outside to realize that the bus time jumped from 14 minutes to 4 minutes, and we hadn't even been inside 10 minutes :-0

So Shar and I finally get our phones synched up and the file is transferring as we see the bus turn up clive street. Thankfully it hit 100% just before the bus pulled up.

So we said our good-byes, and headed into the City Centre. Found out the buses to Caerphilly leave every hour. and we had gotten there at ten of. So we waited for the bus.

The bus ride to Caerphilly was uneventful and was a lot further away than I thought it was. Maybe it was because of the stops but it was still a beautiful ride out of the city and into Caerphilly.

Our main reason for going to Caerphilly was back at NEFanX, someone in one of his panels asked what castle in Wales is a must visit place. Immediately Gareth said Caerphilly. So Laurie and I stored that in our minds, and made sure we had some time to visit it. We were not disappointed. Thank you Gareth for talking about it. :)

Our first glimpse of Caerphilly:


It's like theres the town centre, and you look to the right, and there is a big huge Castle smack dab in the middle. Which is awesome.

Main strip of town





This truck, had a driver who didn't have a clue how to pull himself into the narrow road way. He was litterally centimeters from taking out the white building to the left. And he was semi-oblivious to the people that were waving at him to stop.


Here's more of the castle. I have no words for the Castle because it is absolutely stunning, breathing, haunting, and amazing.















Creepy picture that was in a closed off section of the castle:



It was kind of cold



So we're walking and we see this sign above a bench:


The reason so you don't stand on the bench and fall into this:


After we walked around the castle we went back into the gift shop and we bought some stuff. I bought another book about Welsh and the cashier tried to teach me Thank You (Dioloch).

Vetrans memorial outside the visitor's centre:


Also at the visitors center is where we paid to use the loo. At least it was only 10 pence. It amused us, because I know the lady who was in charge of the money was absolutely freezing.

And the people inside the visitors centre were really nice, and helpful as well. Of course we ended up buying more things there, but it was worth it, lol.

While waiting for the bus we went and walked down the little main strip and found this:


It's a Dollar store, just British ;) It amused me greatly.

We had been told by the bus driver who took us to Caerphilly said the bus back would be there at 5 till the hour. so we get back to the spot a couple minutes before 5 till, and there was no, bus, plenty of other buses came, but not our bus. Then we saw a 26 but it was going the other way. We asked like 5 different bus drivers if we were sure we were going the right way. I'm pretty sure they were all like OMG those dumb tourists, lol. But eventually our bus came and we headed back to Cardiff.

The bus back had some kind of promo sticker stuff on the windows, made out of tiny circles. Well that made me not feel so hot. So I spent the ride home on twitter, and when reading something on the bus is the lesser of the two evils on my tummy, you know it was bad.

When we got back to Cardiff, we got the bus back to the B&B only to hear that there was some rumoured Doctor Who filming back towards City Centre. We thought otherwise and decided that filming was not meant to be. We were hungry, so we decided to go to the Pizza Hut that was in the retail park.


Our pizza was pretty awesome, but that wasn't the best part of the night. It was dessert.


You don't see those in American Pizza Huts.

After Pizza Hut, we decided that since it was there, we just had to go into IKEA. Just because. We walked around all of IKEA and bought a couple little things to rid us of some loose change.

See this sign on the vending machine. Yeah, it's a lie. You'll see why in a little bit.


We get back to the B&B and work on our super mad packing skillz. Our suitcases were expertly packed and protruded in places we never expected.

But then we had to eat some of the food we had accumulated over the week.

Bananas anyone? Yes, purely for the Doctor Who aspect. Pic by [ profile] stargazer60

Cardiff Jan 2010 423

Remember the vending machine picture? Yeah, so I get the soda home and I tap it like I was told and the bed and I are sporting the latest fashion in wetness. Again picture taken by [ profile] stargazer60

Cardiff Jan 2010 425

After getting a shower, and changing into another pair of PJ bottoms I decide to use the hair dryer to dry all the bedding so I have a dry spot to sleep on. again pic by [ profile] stargazer60

Cardiff Jan 2010 426

Debs came to our room and we talked for a bit. Debs went out with Kath to see if there might have been some other DW filming at night but they were unsuccessful. We watched Being Human and then headed to bed.

Last day :( :( :(

I too like Laurie drew sad faces in my travel journal. We woke up early got ready to get breakfast by 7:30. Debs joined us shortly thereafter. Big sadface, and I could only muster scrambled eggs because my nerves and my tummy made me feel funny. Didn't help I spent most of the morning bawling my eyes out because I was going to miss everyone extrememly a lot.

Here we are with Stuart:


Our guestbook entry


Debs went with us to the Central bus station in Cardiff, to see us off. Which was incredibly nice of her to do so. Our bus ride was uneventful, and barring the little bit of traffic we hit outside London we still got there pretty much on time.

Then it was time for lunch with my friend [ profile] tylean. She's the one I visited back in 2008. I haven't seen her since then, so it was nice to see her. If only for an hour and I bawled like a baby again when we parted ways. God I am so overly emotional.

I didn't get any pictures with TyLean cause I'm an idiot and didn't think of it till we were like home. But oh well.

We got to Terminal 5 no problem, 95 % of the stuff was smooth sailing. They just aren't fond of people who aren't mind readers when they tell you one thing and then want something completely different. But I digress, I'm not bitter. Not at all. Just know when coming home, you should become Kreskin and be able to mind read and know exactly what to do every time you go through a different set of security.

The plane home was so incredibly empty so I took the two seats that were in front of mine and Lauries so we had our own seats which was lovely so I could crash rather easily. The turbulence sucked, but it was rather a nice ride.

Pic from [ profile] stargazer60

Cardiff Jan 2010 450

NYC I think.

Thus ends the epic novels that are my trip reports.

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