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Again, ignore the rambly and see the pretty, well a couple could be scary since I'm in the picture. But go here:

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by bandgeek05

To read my mini travel novels go...

So you're still with me? Good, I hope, but I think by the end of this you'll be bored out of your skull.

To start out we woke up fairly early for being jet-lagged and what not. I'm impressed with our level of functioning on Friday morning. We get ready for the day and head downstairs to breakfast. We see a nice little layout of fruit, yogurt, cereal, and lots of different juices. For me that was just great, some fruit and a bowl of cereal, and some orange juice we'd be on our way to explore Cardiff. So we are eating, and then Keith comes in asking what else we would like. We were like what? He told us we get something from the menu as well. Which we hadn't even looked at, because we were eating our fabulous fruit and a bowl of cereal. Totally wasn't expecting to eat anything more. So we looked at the menu and were still undecided as to what to get.

Paul came in and asked us if we wanted anything. We were still unsure, then I mentioned I just wanted bacon, so he's like just bacon? How about we make it a bacon sandwich. Ok, so I was easily convinced to try it. So was Laurie. He went and made our bacon sandwich and we were wondering what it was going to be like, since you know being American we are used to strips of bacon.

He brought it out and it was like a ham steak style bacon on a sandwich. I totally get why people in the UK love bacon sandwiches. I really do. At first I thought it was going to be just a bit plain, but it totally wasn't. Just salty enough, and fantastic tasting, that I was like man I could eat that the rest of the weekend.

We ate and made our way to the bus stop which is right in front of the B&B. While waiting we took some pics:

Looking up Clive Street, towards City Centre way:


Looking down Clive Street, towards the Retail Park and the Bay way:


The outside of the B&B:


We made our way to Cardiff Castle:


-This is the Keep. It was used in Torchwood filming, Exit Wounds, Captain Jack and Captain John fought up at the top of that.

The steps are pretty steep, and it was wet. My biggest fear was falling flat on my ass.


The moat around The Keep:


Inside of The Keep:


Me looking out at one of the windows:


I like this shot.


The top of something in the Castle:


I love the fact that Millennium Stadium is in the background.


Look! Proof that laurie and I were together :)


After walking around the keep it was time for us to go on the tour of the inside parts of the Castle. While we were waiting there, we realized my phone was still quite a few minutes faster than the rest of the clocks around. So there was a bit more time to wait than we thought. We listened to a couple more places on the audio guides we got, and one other girl showed up. So there were 3 of us on the tour.

Our tour guide was cute, and said that we could use non-flash photography in the Castle. I was thrilled. Last time I was there, it was practically evil to have a camera on you. Alot of my pictures from the inside of the castle are blurry, but still, I was excited enough to even have them.

The next lot of pictures are from the castle:


Can you see the invisible man here? Apparently I'm the only one who couldn't see him. Showed this pic to my parents and they immediately saw it. :/







This was the library:


In here we met up with another tour guide named Phil, we started talking about why we were there, and we explained and he was like OMG you came all that way to see Barrowman? We said yep, and then he started talking about how another worker at the Castle has been an extra for Merlin, when Merlin is filmed in Cardiff, and how that some part of the castle has been used in the Sarah Jane Adventures.

After that we walked around the walkway and took more pictures of the Castle grounds.

It's a Welsh Dragon, how could you not take a picture of it?






After the Castle we went shopping.


We stopped in the Wales Centre and bought different Welsh things. Then we went to Forbidden Planet and walking around we found the elusive Weeping Angel figurine. We headed back to the B&B to drop our stuff off.

Picture of Millennium Stadium, as it's near the bus stop to get back to the B&B:


Then we headed back out to the St. Davids shopping area. Major *sadface* for the lack of bookstores and in the bookstores we found, the lack of Doctor Who books.

Here are some misc. pictures from shopping:


It's a cemetary that looks like a park. With all the grass and stuff in there, it was hard to see the headstones.


We were having a hard time deciding on what to get for food, eventually we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe. The food was good, our waiter was cute. He's visiting North Carolina in a couple weeks. I've got a feeling he's in for some wicked weather. Hope he has a good trip.

Here is a picture of the flute from Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull fame. My dad absolutely loves Jethro Tull so I felt it appropriate to take the picture for my dad:


We stopped at the WHSmith near the bus station and asked where the bigger one was to take note for shopping on Saturday. Again we were munchie hungry, so we made our way to the Sainsbury's that we were at the night before, and got some more snacks to eat and went back to the B&B.

Cardiff Sunset:


Day 2 Shopping goodies:



-And my mothers mind lives in the gutter. She things the bear and the stuffed dragon are being inappropriate.

We were going to watch a movie Laurie, bought, and eat snacks, but while Laurie was in the bathroom getting her PJ's on, I heard an unmistakable laugh enter the B&B, I waited till I heard Stuart come back down the steps and I hopped out the room asking is that [ profile] blackbird_song (obviously I used her real name because I'm sure they aren't LJ users, lol), and he was like yep, she mentioned that she knew you guys. So Laurie and I headed upstairs to just say hello. Almost 3.5 hours later, we left. Oops. But it was good conversation.

This was also the night, where we heard the other people having sex.

In the next installment. Saturday adventures in Cardiff, meeting [ profile] shamazipan and many others. Lots of walking and shopping.

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